Flat Rollable Yoga cushion / Blue ocean

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The Flat Rollable yoga Cushion

This flat Yoga and meditation cushion is rollable. This versatility will allow to modulate its thickness according to the exercise and the practice.

It is very practical to use: Flat, it is useful for positions with support (support of the knees, elbow, forearms) Inverted position (support of the head on the ground), it relieves those positions which can sometimes be sores. Also by rolling it in 2 or 3 layers, this cushion allows to stall to hold the positions without pain, it is held for example under the Ischium and maintains the coxis bone, it slips under the legs and keeps the hips. For meditation, adjust it to the correct height as needed.

100% pure kapok filled , natural and organic

it weighs only 500g,

it is easy to carry and slips into your bag.

Dimensions: 37 cmX 37 cm X 4cm