Burgundy-orange Yoga Cushion

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Classic Edition 2017

Here is a cushion with a fine mixture of red and orange: Red is the color of the 1st chakra: which represents our roots, our anchorage to the Earth. The orange is that of the second chakra of the human body, it is related to creativity and dynamism. It is also the color of the clothes of the sannyasin of Hindu asceticism, symbol of renunciation.

  • Provides Stability during practice

  • Optimal Seating and Comfort During Pranayama and meditation,

  • it facilitates the posture of the right back for a fluid and deep breathing

  • Support of the pelvis, it is wedged excisely under the Ischium and supports the articulations of the hips.

  • Kapok padded 100% natural fiber Lightweight (500g),

  • space-saving and portable Robust: it is reinforced at the ends by a double seam

The essential cushion of Yoga and meditation Anadeo, made of natural fiber of kapok has already been adopted and recommended by many associations and teachers of Yoga.

It will also help you in difficult postures by providing stability by its firmness and the comfort needed for meditation. Lightweight and compact, it will follow you everywhere.

Yoga and Meditation Cushion - Zafu. Length: 35cm, Width: 18cm, Thickness: 13cm

Care: after use, pat the sides of the cushion to replace back the natural fiber. In case of stain, use a damp sponge with soap and rub the stain. Do not machine wash, do not immerse.

Note: the dimensions of the Anadeo cushions may vary by 1 cm +/- from one model or color to another because of the looms used. Anadeo yoga cushions are handcrafted by a skilled workforce. We use compressed air compressors to fill the cushions. Thanks to this new method we have developed in our workshops, we have increased the density of the Kapok in our cushions and we have considerably improved the working conditions of the personnel performing the delicate step of filling.

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